What Is The Crypto Prophecies (TCP)?

People typically consider  using technology like Blockchain as a Digital Currency or in Supply Chain Management when considering novel and inventive applications for it. But when it comes to the highly competitive gaming sector, its potential is mostly ignored; here is where The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) come into play.

With their price prediction game, which makes use of NFTs that let users create and modify their characters, they offer story-driven gameplay to the business.

It's fascinating, isn't it? So let's learn more about this subject in depth in this blog.

History of Crypto Prophecies (TCP)?

In April 2021, Philipe Comini, the CDO, and Paul Lindsell, the CEO, introduced The Crypto Prophecies. An expert in blockchain, gaming, and fintech, Paul Lindsell has designed products for a variety of industries.

He was the previous founder and CEO of a digital design studio and the COO and cofounder of an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform, among other executive positions. The cofounder and CEO of an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform, Philipe Comini, has over 15 years of experience in art direction and digital design in the fields of technology, gaming, advertising, and blockchain.

What exactly are the Crypto Prophecies?

A decentralised peer-to-peer price prediction game with NFT characters and magic items is called The Crypto Prophecies (TCP). TCP is a gambling game where players compete against one another to anticipate how the candles will close.

Additionally, the platform sells a variety of Crypto Prophets, which are NFT collectibles. Each NFT character possesses special magical skills, spells, and equipment.

A decentralised application (DApp) called The Crypto Prophecies was created using Layer 2 from Polygon for the Ethereum blockchain. This improves user experience while providing the game with scalability and speed at a minimal cost.

Set a wager amount and compete with another player to predict when each candle will burn out. Move quickly and be mindful of your opponents' magic spells in this timed, point-based game. Whoever is still standing after the fight wins the entire bet. 

What is the TCP Token ?

The TCP token is unquestionably a fungible token that powers The Crypto World's internal economy, just like many other in-game cryptocurrencies. Since The Crypto Prophecies uses the ERC-20 token standard, all TCP tokens have the same value.

This standardisation of token value ensures the integrity of The Crypto Prophecies economy as well as the regulation of all bets, purchases, and other TCP token usage.

In the last 7 days, the cost of The Crypto Prophecies has decreased by 6.00%. In the most recent 24 hours, the price fell by 0.60%. The price increased by 0.46% over the previous hour alone. Each TCP is currently being sold for $0.634423. The Crypto Prophecies is 98.61% less than its all-time high, which was set at 45.626831.

There are currently 114,379,435 TCP in circulation.

The Crypto Prophecies has reached an all-time high of 45.63 INR. The Crypto Prophecies has never been purchased for a price higher than it is now.

What is the process of The Crypto Prophecies?

Before engaging in combat with another player, each player wagers their tokens. Each 10-second candle's closing is predicted during the combat, and the winner gains the advantage to assault their rival.

Players command "Prophets" who have access to "Magic Items," all of which take the form of NFTs. Then, by fusing different Magic Items with Prophets of varying tiers, they can enhance their skills. You must burn a specific quantity of NFTs in order to obtain a higher-tier prophet.

Along with these game types, a daily draw is also held. Depending on the bet placed and other factors, a player may or may not receive a ticket for each game. As a result, a player who plays more games and wagers more money has a better chance of winning in the daily prize draw.

What is the marketing plan for Crypto Prophecies (TCP)?

Players who sign up are given $5 worth of tokens to play in the project's referral campaign, but they must purchase an NFT character. The tokens can only be utilised in the game because they are bonus tokens (bTCP). It now has +108,000 gamers and wallet addresses after deleting bots, fakes, and duplicates.

With the help of numerous influencers, Crypto Prophecies is building an active community on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram (+75k), Discord, and live streams.

Additionally, they are investigating strategic alliances with non-competitive gaming platforms.

What technologies were developed and utilised by Crypto Prophecies (TCP)?

The platform is being introduced as a layer 2 web3 Dapp on Polygon. The daily reward draws, NFT creation, NFT burning, and all other smart contracts are based on Polygon. For the daily probabilistic prize draw and to assure transparency and fairness when purchasing rare NFT characters and products, they also frequently use Chainlinks' verifiable random number generator.

For front end game animations, the basic game modes are implemented in React, Node, Unity Game Engine (WebGL), Graph, and Spine.


Players can purchase TCP tokens on any Polygon or Ethereum exchange and transfer them to their in-game Wallet for easy use thanks to the in-game (Hot) Wallet feature built into "The Crypto Prophecies." 

The Crypto Prophecies combines gaming, cryptocurrency, and NFTs to offer a price prediction experience that is more narrative-driven. Although it seems to be a straightforward profit-making game, it actually uses gamification to instruct students on how to read candle charts, which are important in the cryptocurrency industry.

The concept is unquestionably intriguing, and a distinctive art aesthetic and narrative are being built around it. The popularity of NFTs and blockchain gaming is expected to soar to new heights in the near future that The Crypto Prophecies may rank among the best games currently on the market.