All of us use a particular stock exchange for trading purposes. We use the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. Similarly, we use crypto stock exchanges for trading and investing purposes. Since the crypto-verse is decentralized, there is no centralized authority for crypto exchange entities; instead, we have multiple crypto exchanges in every country. There are approximately 600 crypto exchanges worldwide, narrowing it down to India; there are approximately 15-16 crypto exchanges in India. Now the problem arises which crypto exchange an investor or trader should use? Which one is the best crypto exchange of all? Well, the solution to this problem is a complicated and arduous task. It requires detailed market research and analysis of all the crypto exchanges in the crypto-verse.

Let us overview all the fundamentals an individual needs while dealing with any crypto exchange. These fundamentals will help you choose the most suitable crypto exchange for yourself. These fundamentals are just the starting point of the journey. Traders and investors will need to do their research in such a framework while dealing with crypto exchanges.

Parameters for best crypto exchange

For individuals who cannot do personal research or find it difficult for themselves. They can use this market reputation parameter. As of now, in the Indian crypto market, COINLORD is one of the most reputed crypto exchanges in India. It holds the best and most fantastic user experience. COINLORD has stood out on all the parameters used to evaluate a crypto exchange, whether its security compliance rules, insurance policy, and 100% credit limit with all the prominent crypto coins listed.  

Through this above study and incorporating all factors mentioned above in our market research methodology with qualitative/subjective analysis. We can determine which exchange is best for us. Our research on crypto exchanges should be accurate if we want to experience gains from the crypto-verse.