India’s First Ever Crypto Trader Friendly Exchange Platform

"COINLORD" is one of its kind. It is the quintessential cryptocurrency exchange and trading application that India needs today on Android and iOS. Blockchain technology has become the only constant in an increasingly uncertain cryptocurrency market, especially since the rise of crypto exchanges. The web three evolution and encryption system had all dependent on individual investments

COINLORD Is Committed To Making Digital Assets Accessible For All Beginners & Pro Crypto Traders.

We offer support and transfer to other crypto trading exchanges with easy coin statistics and cryptocurrency price graphs. We have trending coins like bitcoins and other 100 plus altcoins in store just for you. You can maintain your portfolio by choosing the best

COINLORD Is Providing Crypto Solutions Efficiently

We address numerous crypto myths & facts finely. COINLORD has structured problem-solving mechanisms never like before

Be Your Own Boss

With COINLORD, our users have the freedom to diversify their investments and choose wisely. Your money, You Win

Our Little Story At A Glimpse

When Satoshi Nakamoto devised the first blockchain database and deployed the first-ever, original Bitcoin reference, our interest in distributed ledger technology piqued. Since then, we, the team of COINLORD, have researched extensively about financial institutions' digital currencies, fiat currencies, and mutual funds.

What mesmerized us was the computerized power of crypto mining and humanity's evolution for a better smart world. Hence today, we are here making cryptocurrency accessible to every individual simply, safely, strongly straight from our hearts.

Values & Beliefs

  • COINLORD is the Custodian for its Customer Kings.
  • Finance Tech Goods and Services must include a valued proposition.
  • Accepting Bitcoin and Altcoins is an outstanding approach to life.
  • Educating with Finance Empowerment.
  • Evolving with Tech Elegance.
  • Empathizing with Patrons.

What Makes Us Unique?

These days, investing in cryptocurrency is like the elephant in the room, but nobody knows What's inside Pandora's box. The acts of Buy/Sell Crypto should not be this challenging. Like we lock our sweet homes with private keys, our wallets are our personal properties, and we are its sole proprietors. Why hesitate? Join the cryptocurrency market with us

#3 Key Principles

  • Super Smooth

    Easy UI as your smooth user experience is the fruit of our efforts

  • Smart Security

    Our firewall is built with utmost care, your funds, trading are all under protection

  • Sleekly Sophisticated

    We will always vouch for you. Our developers are very picky in providing sophistication via their tech for your advantage

Build Your Green Portfolio In Just Three Easy Steps

Register with your Name,
Email Id & Mobile number

Fill in your KYC

Provide Bank account

Exclusive Features

  • Users Can Avail Up To 100 % Credit

    With COINLORD, our beloved users can avail of 100 percent credit with "ZERO" charges for the first 14 Days

  • Exchange & Trade

    Now our users can withdraw and deposit from any exchange in 6 different currencies of INR, BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, EOS

  • Lifetime Referral Bonus

    All our referrers shall receive a whopping 0.2 % of Every BUY / SELL activity that their referrals perform, FOREVER

  • 2 Exciting Scratch Cards Every Day

    Users can earn up to 700 USDT Per Scratch Card, Per Referral worth ₹ 50,000 plus TWICE DAILY

  • Direct Merchant Pay – QR Code Scanner

    Our users are privileged enough to pay directly via their COINLORD Wallets. Just scan the UPI QRs of any merchant & pay up to ₹ 20,000/ Day . No more waiting for direct withdrawals to your banks

  • Instant / Limit Buy Or Sell Crypto

    At your price or the Market Price, Live or Limit trade with multiple options at your convenience

Why Choose Us?

Taking into account technological advancement, legends' creativity, and the psychology of bullish and bearish markets, we can tell you that a green portfolio is not a myth. We, the team of COINLORD, value and believe that we are the custodians of our customers. Educating, Empowering & Evolving with you in Finance, Technology is our motto. Our exclusive features will leave you with 'AWE.' Happy trading.